3 Practical Steps Free of Termites

One of the biggest enemies of the furniture in the house is termite. Indeed, this Wood-eater insects is plays an important role in the ecosystem. But not for at home, termites actually becomes a barrier to realizing a healthy home, neat and clean. The termite is a group of eusocial insects, and mostly feed on dead plant material such as in the form of wood, soil, leaf litter or animal dung. As eusocial insects, termites live in colonies that, at maturity, number from several hundred to several million individuals. Sometimes, termites are called “white ants”, though they are not closely related to true ants.

Wooden House

Actually the invasion of termites does not come suddenly. We are often not aware of the existence of termites in the house, to see the great damage provoke. Therefore, it is important to have knowledge about the early signs of termite incidence. The knowledge can be a good precaution. Here are three initial steps to deter termites in the house:

Wood type

In selection of the right wood can be the first right step to prevention. For the sill, choose a type of teak or “merbau” wood that less favored termites. Teak wood does not like by termites because the material is hard, while the distinctive smell of “merbau”bwood issued a stinging and contains extractive that are toxic substances for fungi and termites.

Termites Worker

Use an anti-termites potion

After choosing the right timber, the next step is to spray chemicals into the soil termite house foundation before the house was built. If the floor of the wood, spray all over of the anti-termite potion on the floor and the surface of the wooden building our house.

Routine Inspection

You have to do inspection of termites routinely every month. Not only on the floor and frame, inspect the furniture-wooden inside and outside of the home are also important. By checking regularly, it will help us to be able to detect, protect and prevent the house to the total damage caused by “the destroyer”.

People who as the owner of their house, certainly do not want their house are damaged by termires. So, you should do the all three steps above to prevent your furniture from termites.

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