4 Simple Ways How to Make New Family Room

In rearranging a room we need not to change the sofa, chairs, and tables. Enough to do four small steps below, thus you’ll get a new atmosphere. Small changes with big results that you can feel by changing the color of the pillows and wall hangings adds. If you want more extreme changes, change the color of the walls. Changing just one of these panels can provide extraordinary effects. Then add the carpet on the floor surface.

Family Room

But before you do that, remember the following few things: color or pattern that applied in the room should match each other. If you feel less confident with the ability to fuse-match colors and patterns, look through the books or magazine as your reference. If everything is finish, you will get a new atmosphere at your home, without having to dismantle or move to new homes.

Let’s see photos of this family room. Previously, the family room are dominated by white color on the walls and ceiling. The sofa and two arm-chair modern classic broken white color becomes the the contents. Ottomans had used as a table the same color. The floor using fibrous white marble gray.

Family Room From Loft

it seem monotonous and boring, right? So, Let’s try to make over a cheap and easy. There are four steps to rearrange this room.

First, change the ottoman and pillow covers with black print black animal motifs.
Second, cover the floor with brown carpets.
Third, to shut down one of the walls with floral motif wall cover silver and gold.
The final step, the fourth, completing a room with a framed decorative mirrors, corner tree, lamp stands, console tables, and baskets of magazines.

Easy, cheap, and simple, but the result is extraordinary. So, you have no need to spend a lot of cost, right?

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