5 ‘Danger’ Areas at Home

A home is a place of residence comfort, and often called as a palace, or a family castle, once a dangerous place “for our beloved baby”. We have often heard that there are so many incidents that killed the child because of an accident at home. Among other things such as poisoning, electrical shock, drowning, and so on. Let’s look further, the danger areas that can cause incident at home to children.

Sweet Home


The kitchen is the heart and soul of the house, but once the source of the problem. It’s because there is fire when we are cooking and it is very dangerous for children as well as adults. Therefore, you should never leave the kitchen when cooking or turn on the stove. The most common accidents are children scalded from the flask, heat the oil spill hit the pan, or playing with matches in the kitchen so that there is a fire.


Believe it or not, children can drown and die just because the water in the bucket. Well, do not ever you leave the children (especially infants) alone near some water. Children have a great curiosity and have not understood the danger. They could have put his or her head into a bucket and could not pull back so that eventually killed immersed in water.


If you would bathe a baby in a large bucket or bathtub, make sure they were always in the arms of your hand. Also avoid leaving the child in the bathroom just to answer the ringing phone, took a towel, or a reason for “trivial” others. Prepare all the bathroom fixtures before you bathe your baby and place not far from where they bathed.

Fell in the bathroom is also a cause of accidents and deaths are quite large. Especially elderly people who easily slip so that eventually suffered a stroke and died. So, do not ever lazy to clean the bathroom so as not to slippery, put rubber mats in the bathtub, provide a doormat, and so forth.


Every day, there are just children who should be rushed to a hospital emergency department due to toxicity of chemicals and drugs. Small dispensaries, cabinets to store needs a bathroom that contains chemicals is a magnet for curious children. Although only baby oil and cleaning the mouth that contains ethanol, it still has the potential to poison.

There’s no other way, make sure the medicine cabinet, shelves to store shampoo, mop liquid, liquid insect repellent, is always in a state are closed and locked. You must also be careful if there are guests staying at home such as a grandmother or other relatives who happened to bring their personal medications. Requested that they keep it well, do not put it carelessly
rooms because it can endanger your child that are being nible lively.

Swimming Pool


Fall is a scary things for everyone. Especially for elderly people because of falling can cause it to lose its independence. If you create a safe home for the elderly, it means safe for everyone, too.

The fatal fall occurred because of a fall from a lot of stairs (falling out of bed occupied the second rank). Well, the secret of maintaining security is to make a ladder rungs are always clean, do not exist any item on the stairs. Do not climb the stairs with high heels. Before climbing the stairs, both feet must be stable.


Nowadays, there are many number of homes that have swimming pools. The interesting and fun things, as well as dangerous. Every year, hundreds of children drown in swimming pools. As well as regulations for the bathroom and the tub, do not ever leave the child one moment in the pool. Keep children out of the water when there is no guarding.

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