5 Simple Ways to Clean a Carpet

Carpet is important element of a room. A dirty carpet will affect bad to your health. So Keep your carpet clean with these simple ways
1. Regular Vacuuming
Regular Vacuuming is the best way to do a carpet cleaning. But It’s indeed most time consuming. You have to do a vacuuming around twice a week to keep your carpet clean.
2. Dry Extraction Cleaning
Dry extraction cleaning are used when vacuums are not enough to lift stubborn stains from carpets. This method is suitable for sturdy fibers and synthetics.
This method is also recommended for wool and cotton natural fibers that usually are not good to be exposed with too much moisture. Specially designed brushes and machines are used to infuse absorbent compound that contains solvents and special detergents into the carpet fibers. This compound is like a tiny magnet that attracts oils, soil, and dirt trapped in the carpet, and together they are removed by vacuuming.
3. Dry Foam Extraction
Dry Foam extraction is a method that uses dry fluffy foam from a detergent solution for applying to the carpet. With the help of a special machine, the foam is worked into the carpet giving more emphasis on the heavily soiled area with the aim of restoring it back to its clean and original condition.
4. Rotary Shampoo Technique
Rotary shampoo technique is maybe the oldest method of removing stains and spills from carpets that can both be done by professionals and non-professionals. It is done by using carpet cleaning liquid on the carpet, which is pushed through by the rotating brushes of a cleaning machine. The carpet gets thoroughly cleaned without damaging it.
5. Small Carpet Cleaner
This new method is using a small carpet cleaner. It’s lightweight, portable spray extraction carpet cleaner is ideal for domestic carpets in households and small offices. You can hire a professional to do this carpet cleaner method is low cost.

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