9 Tips How to Save Electricity

Household electricity consumption is one of the biggest contributors to global warming. An electricity is certainly needs lamps. A lamp is a replaceable component such as an incandescent light bulb, which is designed to produce light from electricity. Need to know that household electricity consumption took a third portion of the total electricity consumption of the region. Surely then, the electricity consumption of household play a role big enough for the improvement of global warming.

Lead Lamp

Well, how about a simple way to reduce these negative contributions? Actually it was not hard. It could be said that every household can contribute to it. Here are some ways to save electricity consumption of households. In this way, hopefully you can get two things at once, which is to reduce global warming and cut electricity bills value.

1. Use energy-saving lamps. Fluorescent lamp, in this case, it only use 20% of energy that is used by incandescent light but able to remove the lighter, coupled with a fluorescent lamp life is longer.

2. Turn off the lights if the lighting is not needed. Besides it can reduce the value of bills, it can also reduce the global warming.

Fluorescent Lamp

3. Use lighting outside the home (for example in the garden), only when really needed.

4. Clean the armature lamp in order to bias the light rays unimpeded. As a result, the light generated can be maximized.

5. In the afternoons, used the natural light as possible. For this, the role of house design is important. Use windows with a large number of lots and so the natural light entered freely. Expand the open space is also at home, and use the paint too bright.

6. Use of electronic equipment that is energy efficient and relevant.

7. Adjust the connection of electric power house needs. The small house can use the connection 450 VA or 900 VA. The home is being able to use the connection VA 1300.

8. Turn off the electronic equipment that is not really necessary, use it as needed.

9. Establish the efficient of power consumption behavior for family members. Better when the behavior is established since a small age.

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