A Tree House For Sweet Heart

The spirit “Go green” have been echoed throughout in the world. It is not only to be preferable to raise the awareness of nature, but also to the lifestyle. Including the selection of wood materials for housing to be more integrated with nature. Nowadays, everyone have to being a part of the “go green” program. Start from global issues to the closest thing to our life, just call it home. The materials and concepts that is now becomes many ogled in the manufacture of customized home tend to “go green” with the theme or spirit of back to nature. The concept of this house was then known as Eco-friendly homes.

Tree House

Almost all of children have ever been dreaming to have a “tree house”. There are so many kinds of tree house designs, and the materials that is used, of course from a wood. The wood that is used for house walls should be selected from tree is still a natural texture. Natural texture of wood will make a tree house together with the main tree. The tree house should be made with large trunk trees are strong and broad enough pages. But, now there are many people have a large space in the yard, but there is no a tree.
The variety of size for a tree house is adapted to the diameter of the tree buffer. In one of home that ever been made, the size of about 2m x 2.8 m, height of the building about four meters, and height from the ground about two meters. Uniquely, this tree house as if leaning into the wall. It is because the buffer tree near the backyard wall.

To appear more natural, this tree also became part of the tree house, with a stem that went partially into the house. The roof of thatch which twined so strong that the water tight. The model of this tree house was built to resemble with balcony. Without the wall at each side, only the guardrail.

Tree Girls

However, in making a tree house – a more “populated” the kids – will be better if we are pay attention to several things. Ideally, the height of the tree house from the ground no more than two meters, in order that is not to endanger the children who often ride down. The steel foundation can be chosen in order to be a stronger condition of the tree house. Of course it’s for safety and security of a happier our child imagination in their tiny house.

The design and finishing can be made more attractive but it still safe for children. To be more find their adventurous spirit, the ladder can be made of rope, or a ‘Fireman’s pole’ for ascending and descending more rapidly. And also added a swing and slide underneath, definitely exciting! The children becomes closer with nature, as well as exercise of sport from outdoor.

Do you interested to make a tree house for sweet heart?

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