About Color, Furniture, and Circulation

To determine the clean and comfort room, do not choose the certain room. So, not only the living room or family room which is prosecuted to always demanded, but also bed room too. Moreover bed room is a place to take a rest after a day busy with various jobs. The Most important is create a cool and comfortable atmosphere. For that there are various ways can be done, such as the appropriate wall color selection and determining what equipment is placed in the rooms.

Feng-Shui Bedroom


There are many choices color for the bedroom. Generally, cool colors and neutral is favored people. For example white, beige, gray or color other young. With these colors you more free furniture pick the appropriate color. It is Often also used a color theme options.

For example curtains, using a matching color for bedspreads and fabric walls. Right now,there are many people who use the pink, light blue, yellow, ivory color and other bright colors. Meanwhile, furniture can be selected by a neutral color or white chocolate.


You have to determine the furniture which will put in some places in the rooms. such as the cabinets, bed and table decoration. If it is still possible it can also be placed in workbench. Do not forget to customize your furniture with a large size room. Do not use excessive furniture, because it can result in a narrow space. You have to organize and effectively as possible in an appropriate place to look tidy is also not impede the motion of space.

It will be better if you do not place decorative table or desk close with the window. Thus in the daytime you can take up of natural light for lighting. Besides furniture, the room also required adequate lighting. Sometimes it also requires an additional light, such as the decorative table, table in side or to light when reading. If you use fluorescent lamps (TL) and did not want to direct a blinding light, put the lights up to the top So the light will be reflected in the ceiling space to illuminate the room.

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture


you should keep the window and vents large enough. It should not be blocked by a cupboard or other furniture in order the replacement air can run smoothly and were always in a state room cool and comfortable. Some of the decorative elements can be added as an accents. It’s very useful to liven up the room, such as hang paintings or portraits. But do not be excessive, because the purpose of the bedroom is to take a rest, not a showroom.

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