Accessories for Minimalist Home

In this article, we will discuss about the accessories for minimalist home. Trend of design style residence is always changing every year. One of the design styles that much be loved and most widely applied by many people today is the minimalist style of home design. Trend style residential design, whatever its forms not only involves the form of the exterior of a building massive, but also involves the selection and arrangement accessories and furnishings in the interior of the residence.

Minimalist Home Design
Minimalist Home Design

To design the shape of the building you can certainly rely on the architect or contractor to do it, but the selection of accessories and furnishings are often confusing to the residents who will inhabit the dwelling. In this article I want to try to give some ideas that will help you to choose the type of furniture or accessories for your minimalist home.

1. Sculpture

Presenting sculpture in a minimalist home is one of the best ways to make a vocal point in a room. To create additional lighting that will add to the beauty of the statue at night, you can add a decorative lamp.

2. Pillow or Cushion

Furthermore, you can add a pillow or cushion on the couch and your bedroom. You can choose bright colors that contrast with the color of wall paint in your room. Choose colors that have a tone in accordance with the walls of your room.

3. Curtain

A unified frontier curtains if done right will make the room feel more luxurious and comfortable although the election seems curtains is very simple.

4. Artwork such as paintings or photographs

You can select different paintings in accordance with the function of each room. The presence of a painting or photograph can decorate the walls in your minimalist home and make the room feel more comfortable.

5. Flowers and Vase

The atmosphere of a room can be more fresh by placing fresh flowers or faux flowers. You should choose faux flowers as an accessory in the beautiful room interiors if you have little time and too much activity.

6. Mirror

Put the mirror is one of the easiest ways to make a room feel more spacious. Besides that, the existence of a mirror can make the room lighter because of the mirror can be used to reflect sunlight and lamplight. You should choose a frame for a mirror that matches the theme of your room.

Minimalist Home Decoration
Minimalist Home Decoration

7. Energy Saving Lights

The next, you should choose efficient energy lamps for lighting the lamp. So that your home not only beautiful, but also more environmentally friendly.

Good luck and be creative to beautify minimalist home that you have to add comfort for you and your entire family.

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