African Style Decoration Ideas

African style decoration themes include ethnic to modern themes. It depends on which region you choose as your interior design inspiration. When you think about Africa, you might be thinking about some kind of decoration. One of them is the traditional theme of African-American cultural decorations. In addition, you can also consider on the theme of the Serengeti and other concepts are more natural.

African Figures
African Figures

To create a home with African style decoration, you can try using the unique patterned textiles and handmade furniture and accessories that adds an exotic impression of the room. You should always start from the room you use most often to spend most of your time with your family.

To make the African style decoration in the bathroom, you can try to create with some creativity by making use of bamboo as a wall and window coverings. Then you must also consider the selection of a slightly oval wooden tub and putting some water plants on the side of the room.

You should also have to remember to put the plant near the window so that your plants still get sunlight. You can also use a small candle made of wood with a natural shape around the tub. Additionally, you can put two wooden masks on either side of the bathroom mirror. Furthermore, you can add the gauze as a complementary accessory to the ceiling above the bathtub.

Tribal Mask
Tribal Mask

For the front door of the house with the African style decoration, you can hook up a Moroccan style wood door to front door of your house. To install a Moroccan style wood door you should hire the services of an interior designer or contractor for installation of this Moroccan style carved door in accordance with your wishes.

By using the services of an interior designer or contractor you do not risk having the doors installed Moroccan origin. In addition, Moroccan carpets in the living room or front porch, so the nuances of African Style will be increasingly felt in all parts of the interior room of your house.

Meanwhile, to make a bedroom with African Style decoration, you can create with almost all the accessories and furniture made from natural materials like wood and bamboo. Laying a big fan on the ceiling of the bedroom and the use of mosquito net on windows, mattresses, and ceiling will further enrich the appearance of exotic African style of decoration you want.

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