An Elegant Welsh Dresser for All Homes

If you are looking for a piece of furniture for storage’s purpose with stylish design, Welsh dresser can be a top option.

Welsh dresser’s design has not really changed much throughout the years, the colors available are usually in cherry (dark brown), pine or white wood color. Welsh dresser is suitable for both modern as well as country-side styled houses. A cherry colored dresser can add a touch of artistic antique atmosphere to a modern home whilst a pine colored one suits perfectly with a country-side rural styled home.

A stylish Welsh dresser in a modern home

A dresser can be of multiple purposes and be placed in different rooms in a house.

For Kitchen/ Dining Room

When used in the kitchen of dining room, a recommendation is to display some beautiful porcelain teapots or sets of decent plates on the top cupboard shelves inside the transparent glasses doors, while utensils for daily used could be saved inside the drawers in the lower part of the dresser. This can keep your kitchen tidy as well as showing your guests the nice collections you have.

A pine-wood colored dresser

For Living Room

Many people would put a Welsh dresser in the living room for storage purposes. If you are a collector, you can make use of the top shelves to display your collections. The practical thing is that even you put something that is so decent and difficult to clean, the collection is protected from dust with the closed door.

Displaying photos is also a modern way of using the top shelves of a dresser. You can also make use of the sideboard space to add more color to your room as well. Put candles of flowers that matches your living room’s theme color, or fresh fruits on a silver bowl on a cherry-wood colored dresser, which can give some modern contrast to the antique look of a dresser.

Modern usage of a dresser

The reason why Welsh dresser is still being used nowadays is that it is practical yet still very elegant and suits all homes.

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