An Everlasting Evolution of A Living Room

Cool and fun. Those were most likely the first impression felt when we step into this living room. Neat and clean interior arrangement, giving the impression of a clean and healthy home.

Overall, the architectural design of this house is classified as “ancient.” Created more than ten years ago, adopting the Mediterranean architecture design style combined with natural materials, including wood and rocks.

The interior arrangement could be labelled as well as “outdated”. However if we observe more, behind the simplicity of the arrangement, this room will always follow the trend’s development. The owner of the house forged old furniture that tends to be classic with newer furniture which is relatively modern. Both are arranged according to function. Touch of artwork on the walls make the interior definetely make this a more beautiful residence.

Well organized, the interior of the house had no formal impression. Residents had always felt comfortable and relaxed doing the activity in each room. The space lay out makes anybody could move freely. To achieve all that, the owner also applied a design that is able to always evolve. This design is made step by step.

For example, the family room. This space is in the middle of the building, making it a central. This room has a window on the wall above. High glass windows, replace a wall that relate directly to the park. In the space that became the central of the house, a modern three-seater sofa and a single-seater couch is placed. Appearance is adjusted with old furniture, a desk glass box, classic-styled corner table and television cabinet.

Another example, a living room with two old sofas and armless round table of a circular iron frame. An overdraft is placed on the wall as a place to display brac and plants. Overdraft is one way to outsmart the display walls so that it become more interesting. This “ancient” way of decorating is now widely applied as a sweetener as well as solutions to overcome limitations of the wall area.

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