Army Green and Coffee Latte Combination for Masculine Effect

Depictions of male and resilient character apparently not only can be represented by blue. Children’s room in this house, apply army-green and coffee-latte brown.

As our little hotshot grow, the blue color that is applied in his room during childhood starting to feel no longer fit. Nothing wrong if he wants his bedroom to not only show masculine impression, but also more mature character. If you are confused looking for inspiration perhaps this room pictured below will give you a hint, or could be one interesting alternative.

Basically there are two colors that dominate this bedroom. Army green and brown like coffee latte. No one denies that both of these colors reflect the masculine and mature character. Do you agree? Army represented strong impression, while coffee latte is closely associated to describe an adult character.

The green color was applied to the walls of the headboard, while the brown coffee on the wall side by side with him. The green nuance is also present in the single chair and curtains. While the brown variation present in the cushion and furniture made of plywood was veneer finishing.

In addition to color mixing that make up the character, this bedroom furniture is also attractive because of several uniqueness. Let’s take bed for example. The headbord part is not wasted, as there is elongated cavity which can be used as bookshelves. In place of the nightstand, they invented a small C-shaped table. With this design, the table look more compact and attractive.

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