Beautiful Sofa with Book Shelves

A sofa will make your room more beautiful if you put it in the right place, for example you can put a sofa in the corner. Sofa with white color will look compact if your room is white. Your room will look brighter and beautiful by putting a sofa in the corner of your room.

Book case sofa
Book case sofa

But there is one of the most unique, is a magazine rack that also serves as an armrest on the couch. This rack is attached to the side of the sofa. This is done to make your space more efficient and use your sofa as a book shelves, the top can also be used as an armrest when people sit on the sofa close to the rack.

Shelves are made from wood with white paint finish. Its presence combined with brown-striped couch, making it look more suitable rack attached to the sofa. Magazine rack attached to the sofa will make your room become more efficient, because you do not need a separate magazine rack.

White color blends with the beautiful brown color on the couch. White and brown are widely used in this room to make the room more beautiful. This color is suitable for use in space that serves as the lounge. The white color create a feeling of comfort and make the atmosphere become more bright, so you can minimize the use of lights, and brown colors make sense of calm. Brown and white color you can use as a combination of shelves with a sofa that will make them look more matching.

Elements of functional furniture can be used not only for resting the hands, but for other functions that are useful to reduce the use of bookshelves such rates could reduce the size of the room. Your rooms will look simpler and it can save space in your room.

book case sofa
Sofa With Magazine Shelves

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