Bedroom Decoration for Chelsea’s Little Fan

Your little boy is a big fan of British football club Chelsea? Indulge him with a room decor theme of his beloved football club.

Boys usually love football and they idolized and supported at least one football club. It also happens on the little son of the couple Ardito and Vivi. The Chelsea fans, showing his love for his favorite club with room decoration with knick-knacks and everything in connection with the club. Of course, the realization of this love could not be separated from the support of both parents.

When you already choose theme like this, it will be easier to dress your junior’s room. Needless to dizzy thinking about what color should be chosen, or what knacks will be placed upon. You just need to customize it in accordance to his favorite football club.

Everything connected with the club Chelsea is always blue and white, because this color is the theme of the club uniform. So the blue and white was built to beautify any room on this one little champ. Some white wall, on the headboard, not left plain, but decorated with three blue lines. While the wall on the left side of the bed, painted dark blue. Even the window blinds were made themed blue and white. Furniture such as bookshelves, desks, and closets were not spared from a touch of blue and white.

And the result is this room became a mini castle for the fans of Chelsea. Your little son, the football enthusiast, definitely will be more comfortable on every activity in his room. Is your children one of the Chelsea fans as well? Perhaps this could be the inspiration room to dress his/her room.

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