Breakfast on Your Bed? No Problem!

Are you a kind of person who likes breakfast in bed? If so, make a bedside table that also functions replace brakfast tray. The design is not as complicated as we imagine, really.

One of the advantages multifunctional furniture, in addition to saving land use, is practical. For those who like to eat breakfast or snacks, while relaxing in bed, breakfast tray is absolutely necessary. Certainly it would be very cumbersome if we have to keep the breakfast tray in the room. And more trouble, if we have need to get it from the kitchen whenever we need the tray.

If that is the condition, then it means you need a furniture that can accommodate this function. What if we take inspiration from the hotels?

For the people who love to travel a lot and staying in a hotel, probably familiar with this one form of a table. A bedside table that can also served as a breakfast tray.

The design is similar to the letter C, is composed of three wooden boards, could also be made of plywood. The exact shape as can be seen in this photograph. To be comfortable, adjust its size to the height of the bed, at least make the table 30cm higher than the surface of the mattress. To help us move the table, fill the bottom with four small wheels.

The table in this photograph is made of plywood, measuring 35cm x 25cm x 80cm. In addition to a breakfast tray, you can also use it as a reading table. Fun, right?

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