Bright Colors in the Guest Room

The guest room is an important part of the house because of its function as to receive guest. The first impression that is performed are to shows the style of ownership. The guest room is a public area. Therefore, the guest room is usually designed with a very unique and comfortable, so that guests who come to feel comfortable. Even the living room can be a focus puller on every home.

Bright Color

No wonder the usual location of the guest room are on the front of a house. The reason is because its function is as a receiving room. There are several ways to make the living room can appear more attractive, one of which is that we must still consider the concept of our own homes, to remain a single entity in the house.

For example, if our modern-style house, the parlor was also given a modern twist, or if the style is minimalist, the room was also given a touch of minimalism. However, whatever the theme, it does not mean the guest room becomes monotonous because the concept of existing homes.

Colors Experiment

Bright Colors Experiment

One of the idea to give nuance of bold is too far from the monotonous impression on the guest room is to use bright colors. Besides that, bright colors can also give them a fresh touch to your guest room. If your house is minimalist concept, it does not mean you give your walls the color gray. It is very monotonous if you’re using a color gradation from light gray to dark gray.

It could give the impression of gray area and cold, but if too dominant, a guest room atmosphere is not at all fresh. You should try to give a different color in one area of the walls, if you want a little cool, for example in green, or blue color that symbolizes peace. A cheery yellow color is also great for the living room.

In addition to paint the walls, there are many elements that can be replaced with bright colors. Such as curtains, pillows on the couch, or table cloths.

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