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Decorating your child’s bedroom is a very important task, as this is a space where your child will be spending a substantial amount of their time. Aside from sleeping there, this will be a space for your child to relax and for you to complete activities together, such as reading a story before bedtime or helping with homework. It is therefore important to create an atmosphere that you and your child can enjoy together. Picking the bedding for your child to sleep in is perhaps the most important part, as you want your child to feel as comfortable as possible in order to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Online department store has a section on its site dedicated to children and babies, and in its filtered categories you can narrow down your browsing to bedding in particular. This site has a range of some of the best themed bedding available, from cartoon characters to iconic images or just colourful patterns.

One of the most homely and comforting brands found on the site is the Mamas & Papas brand, which is inspired by old-fashioned and traditional children’s designs. The images in the Mamas & Papas range are usually things like teddy bears or woodland creatures, in demure, calm colours like cream and brown. Although expensive, their designs have a lasting appeal and come in good quality fabric that will endure for some time. The Zeddy and Parsnip Quilt and Pillow set, at £75, is an adorable set for very young children, whilst the Hodge Podge Quilt and Pillowcase set can be added to an older child’s bed for that traditional touch.

For children or younger teenagers who are football fans, also stocks a range of bedding with football clubs’ logos. Liverpool and Manchester sets of quilt and pillow cases are just £20 each, or if your child prefers to support the country as a whole you can get them the England bedding for the same price. The site also offers curtains to match all of these designs and why not check out the Very dresses and baby clothes.

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