Combining Elements for Your Dining Table

Do you feel bored with regular dining table design? Then you should see and try this inspiration. Three different materials with different characters are combined in a single table.

Timber with hard character fitted with a softer and “cold” one. Both came from nature, so it seems no problem integrating the two. But what happens when adding transparent glass to the couple? This certainly arouse curiosity.

Such table existed in the dining room above. A table stood in the middle of the room, only supported by two legs made of white limestone. On top of it, wooden planks as thick as 8 cm placed in rows, supporting a plate of glass with 80cm x 200cm size.

The combination of rough white limestone with a warm wood makes this table looked attractive. Wood ranks in the top-line shape horizontal lines, vertical lines that match a set of dining chairs adorned on the sides of the table. Using the same type of wood, and the repetition of a consistent rhythm, indicating that the table and chair sets were made as one.

One question may arise in your mind. Is it safe to use glass on the dining table surface? Given the burden placed on it would not be as light as plywood, for example. In order to avoid fragile feel, you need to at least use a glass with 1 cm thickness. If necessary, select the tempered glass type which has harmless pieces when broken.

Although beautiful and unique, there is a recognized weakness of this table. “Having been made embedded in floors, this table is not removable. There is a trouble also if there are events, such as social gathering,” he explained.

Hariman’s comment could be your considerations when you want to create a similar table. Although made of stone, it would be nice if we could still rearrange the table’s location.

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