Decorative Painting Tips At Home

In this article, I will write about decorative painting. As a homeowner, you may be bored with the old paint color of your home and want to replace it with a new color.

But, maybe the new paint colors will also become very ordinary someday. It can happen if the painting which is done on your home just a flat paint and not decorative painting. Actually you can create your home painting with a new paint color.  So, not only paint the home, but also you can decorate the room in your house with decorative painting.

Home Decorative Painting
Home Decorative Painting

Decorative painting is a term of house painting to create a decorative pattern using equipment other than a paintbrush like a sponge. There are several decorative painting techniques are known, such as sponging, stamping, stencils, and patterns of ragging. These techniques allow you to create a new atmosphere for the houses that were once dull and plain. By using this technique, decorative painting will be very easy and cost effective.

Decorative Painting
Decorative Painting

Here are some tips for you to make a decorative painting at your home:

1. Sponging technique, this decorative painting technique is done by using a sponge. This technique is suitable to be applied on the walls of a home that has a rough surface, so this can make you easier to create texture on the wall.

This technique uses dark color paint for the base color for your walls. Because you need to do the sponging technique is to give the effect of a brighter color than the base paint color. The effect will be accordance with your taste.

2. Engineering stencil or pattern technique. By this technique, you can apply decorative painting in your home if you prefer a form of creative patterns combined with the concept of decorating theme in your home. This technique is one way that is often applied by some people because this technique has the advantage. A design stencil technique or pattern that you create will always match with the existing decoration in your home because you own that makes the pattern painting. Color – pastel green, yellow, blue is perfect for decorative pattern to create the impression of fresh, natural for a room in your home.

I hope some decorative painting techniques above can be useful for you, and always wait for our next article.

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