Designing a Room for Maximum Comfort and Style

The bedroom is an important, yet often oferlooked area of home design, which is why this article is designed to cover a few aspects of bedroom design that make a great difference to your home, but also to you too!

Consider the small things: Such as soft funishings and lighting to add a sense of style and drama to your room. Of course this can also make your bedroom inviting and comforting if done correctly. Depending on your tastes, go for neutral, non clashing shades of colour to make the space look great.

Also consider the size, shape and quality of the bed, which is of course the most important aspect of any bedroom.

A good nights rest is essential for everyday living and can affect both your mood, overall health and outlook on life. Because of that, getting the bed right is a great step to feeling refreshed and alert throughout the day. The Sleepeezee from Bedstar is a great example of a bed that is designed to give you the best chance for a good nights sleep. Whether it is an adjustable version or a divan style Sleepeezee, you cant go wrong if you pair this up with a great mattress.

The Sleepeezee range also supply mattresses, so you could take the plunge and buy the whole set in one go if you are starting from scratch.

Also dont forget the storage solutions, such as a large cupboard or chests of drawers to store your clothing and possesions in. Not only does this add more depth and character to a room, you can avoid a messy room if everything is stored away nice and neatly.

With just a few simple changes to the room, such as these tips explain your bedroom will be a welcoming, wonderful place to spend your time. Until next time everyone!

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