Do Not Let Your plants Droop and Die

It sucks when see the plants wilt droop, do not let your plants droop and die because plants is necessary in your house. It like the hand was itching to cut it. Do not trigger a lust. The plants that wilt we still can refresh through appropriate measures. Of course, before we have to know in advance its cause. Believe to the through the proper handling, your plants are wilting before, are now strong again and ready to decorate the living room or your living room.


There are two possible causes of your ornamental plants wilt sudden. First, the soil is too dry. The second causes that our plants too much water. It was easy to detect it, hold the soil. If it is too dry, flush with water to taste and place it outside the home. certainly, avoid the plants from direct sunlight. Place in a protected place until the leaves are bent can be tough again.
Well, what if the problem is too much water? There are two ways to solve them. Firstly, remove the entire contents of the pot. Your caution is essential here that the roots are not broken.

Then wrap around the surface of the soil with paper towels, newspaper, or cloth that can absorb the water. When the paper has started wet, change with a dry dressing. Do this repeatedly until the paper is not too damp. Now you can re-enter your plants into pots that have been cleaned.

Plants Potted

After that get the plants to the wind it firstly outside the house. The second ways, drain the decorative plant pots dry manner, in order the water can flow from the holes under the pot. For the plants which placed in the room should not be watered every day, just four to six days. But if the air in your family or living room is hot or cold because the air conditioner, check the plants regularly placed on it. It’s possibly in every three days you’ve had to give it a drink.

To remember also, before prior to watering plants that have been inserted back into the house, first, check whether the leaves have dried up completely. It’s because the wet leaves will quickly rot when positioned in an enclosed space. By keeping your plants your house will be green and comport, so, do not let your plants droop because it can make arid your house.

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