Easy Ways to Make a Comfortable Home

How to make a comfortable home?

To create a comfortable home, the house should be able to accommodate the needs of all family members. Needs of families are include room for hobbies and multitasking activity (different activities but done simultaneously).

Accommodate Your Needs

Comfortable home is a home that has a good structure, such as air ventilation and light. It is enough to make building materials that are not easily damaged by damp. Air circulation is required by the building and its occupants. There are some building materials that must be in good air condition. For example gypsum which can not stand damp or walls that are often exposed to water must be dried with air flow and good light. A Comfortable home also must meet environmental needs. The examples of the needs of the environment are accessibility, inspiring, and a green spot.

Comfortable Home
Comfortable Home

Balanced Elements

A comfortable home besides fulfilling the needs of residents and the environment, it also must be balanced. The balance in question is the existence of a continuous interaction between several things between empty and content elements, silent and moving elements, light and dark areas, and balance the use of artificial and natural elements in the home.

 – The balance between empty and content elements, means making space and the building has a more solid parts in certain positions, and blanks at other positions. This position depends on individual needs. The space that has the content could be a functional space, storage of goods. And the empty space could become a space view and the circulation space.

– The balance between silent and moving. It means composing a play space element moves in one hand, and silence element on the other. You can use a tree that has leaves that can move when the wind, or stream of water flowing for making moving element. For silent element, you can use the furniture in the room, or building elements that are positioned side by side with elements of move earlier.

– The balance between light and dark elements. Light and dark elements can make the dimensional space balance more strength. Dimensional space that looks strong can make the room more has character, full of impressions and contemplative in making a comfortable home.

Stylish of a Comfortable Home
Stylish of a Comfortable Home

Accommodate Interaction

Another aspect that makes a comfortable home is the ability to facilitate interaction space occupants. Interactive is the space-space can accommodate communicate with intensive activity. Interactive also means making the natural elements (light, air, and water) can be connected securely to the senses in a non-verbal communication. Leisure senses affect the taste and convenience of a good impression to remember.

To make a comfortable home you do not have to change many things, all you need is to find out for ourselves and the environment.

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