Eating, Cooking, and Talking at the Open Kitchen

An open kitchen feels fitting applied to the modern lifestyle. A kitchen is a part of room that’s used for cooking and food preparation. By made an open kitchen at home, many families appreciated the trend of open kitchen, it because of it easier for parents to supervise the children while cooking. Therefore, consider the inspiration here.

Simple Open Kitchen

The changes of lifestyle, home design and remodeling of any change. Nowadays, the kitchen is no longer the monopoly of women, anyone could doing activities in the kitchen. For some people, the kitchen was no longer included in the private sphere. Guests, relatives or close friends, often ignorant just walked into the kitchen, chatting while sitting there.

By taking inspiration from a variety of restaurants and cafes, open kitchen can be the right choice to support these lifestyles. As the name implies, open kitchen is open concept. No wonder the kitchen with another room, the adjacent, often do not have delimiters. Even if there is typically using transparent glass.

Restaurant Open Kitchen

Thus the concept, make more spacious kitchen. Kitchen design open, it also suggests that the room is free to enter anyone. In this bar kitchen is usually also provided. In the bar area is usually the guests or family nearby, sat and chatted with the owner. Thus, the mother can cook while chatting with friends. Finish in cooking, activities can be continued with a bite to eat together. Obviously, right, open kitchen design creates a more intimate atmosphere.

But, do not forget, the room design is very dependent on the lifestyle a person or a family. If you are not a person who likes to receive guests in the kitchen. Or maybe it still felt awkward when people see you are cooking, you should not kitchen implement this one kitchen style. open kitchen is also demanding a clean lifestyle.

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