Excite Your Mind – Sofas Stranger Than Fiction

Today’s rapid pace of change can be partially due to the incredible communications that now form a huge part of most people’s lives. Thoughts are able to be seized at their moment of inception, and acted on with such amazing speed. Its no surprise then that designers are creating more and more weird and wonderful art pieces for us to all enjoy, and in some cases sit on.

As is typical of clothes seen first on the catwalks, the designs are often unusable for your average person or event. Purely a means to show off creativity, your senses can be barraged with a massive variety of visual treats. The internet is a Mecca for discovering the latest sensational designs.

If we take some time to look at unusual and creative sofa designs, there is almost too much to really know where to begin. One typical useless sofa creation involved a hundred or so egg boxes, complete with eggs, built to look like a standard two seater sofa. Other designs have borrowed the rather morbid look of a coffin, combining it with a general utilitarian metal box sheen to create a sofa that can be sat on comfortably when left open.

One sofa, called ‘Acceleration’, was created with the aerodynamics industry in mind. Either end of the sofa had what could be described as aeroplane jet engine styling, the seating cushion/ support and back-rest area both being minimalist. Grey, with lines similar to the borders of a plane’s sheet metalwork, this was a perfect futuristic sofa for anyone with an equally advanced, or even retro interior to their home or workplace.

Pushing the boundaries of unusual again, a swimming pool manufacturer from Italy created a sofa mimicking a small swimming pool, complete with steps and cushions – all in striking white, which went well against the dappled blues of the supposed water.

sofa stronger
sofa stronger

The next time you see a cutting-edge furniture design show you should leap at the chance to attend it. Such events really do give you a refreshingly otherworldly insight into the minds of some of arts madder creators.

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