Exploration with White Color in Apartment 62m2

Now, we will explore an apartment that is dominated by the concept of white color from furniture to wall where the residential look clean and bright. Furniture was packed neatly in storage.

This apartment is comfortable and pleasant in this residence. Not only visually, but also the experience of its space. In fact, you could say that the impression can be felt in every corner of this apartment.

White Apartement
White Apartement

The domination of shades of white color applied ranging from furniture to the walls of this building give the impression of a bright interior. Not only give the impression of a bright interior, but also the white color makes every element look proportional. The white color is blended harmoniously with the building elements and the furniture that shaped modern geometric design. This composite gives the impression of an elegant design.

In the living room of this apartment, there is a love seat with maroon color and low backrest which wrapped in white cloth. A small coffee table and a ring chair come with modern design. TV cabinets in the front room become audio-video storage. Color wash of thick white felt in this space.

In the side of to the living room is the dining room. Dining table and a set of chairs with contemporary design elements become the interior of this space. The impression of a spacious place is realized with the placement of a glass mirror that closes the entire dining room wall virtually.

Decoration of other spaces that give comfort visually is a white pantry with panel mosaic motif in the back. This pantry with i-line design has a cabinet top and bottom which gives the maximum space for savings.

White Color Apartement
White Color Apartement

The comfort of this space is depends on small renovations that we have done. Start from move the kitchen into the left corner and then make a partition wall in the living room as a direct view of the barrier when we open the main door. Another renovation is making open bedroom that overlooking the living room become the study room. This step makes the family room and dining room have an out view. Beside that, the sun can illuminate freely on every corner of the room.

We sill get a different experience space when we enter in the private area of the master bedroom and the child’s bedroom. Personal touch is appearing through a warm brown color. That color comes through the wallpaper that makes the atmosphere more relaxing.

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