Floral Dining Room with Retro Style

To make your dining room feminine, you can use floral with a touch of classic retro style furniture. Floral theme is the right choice to make your dining room beautiful. You can use as a motif fabric seat cover and two paintings of flowers. With floral motif, this dining room becomes feminine. Characters like that make the atmosphere of the room feel more gentle and friendly.

Dining Room
Dining Room

Dining room with floral style can blend with the kitchen. Land required is not too wide, just about 2.5 mx2, 5m. In order for this room feel more spacious, you can use mirrors to create an illusion of vision. Large framed mirror that not only serves to “expand” space, but can also serve as a decorative element. The wall which was originally a plain, become more interesting with the mirror.

Retro Style Furniture

Retro is the cultural styles of the past that has been functional since the first time. Currently there are sold many accessories and retro furniture.

The use of retro style furniture and classic accessories is fit perfectly to be combined with floral motifs. Room does not look old even though the room is memorable past. To make it still look modern, you should consider the selection of furniture designs and colors that are used to this room.

Retro Dining Room
Retro Dining Room

Selection of the color blue and cream floral motifs on a large flower can make it still look modern. Floral motif itself is one characteristic of the classical style.

You have to consider about furniture design. Classic retro style or the classic tempo does not always have to use large-sized furniture and look heavy. You can choose the furniture or classic retro style accessories that have more simple and sleek design.

For example, you can use a dining chair with a rounded form of the seat at the top, typical of classic retro style. However, overall you can choose seats for a retro style that has a simple design. You can use a chair with legs made slim. Unlike the classic-style chairs in general, whose feet tend to be large and decorated with various ornaments.

If we talk about the selection of accessories of floral dining room with Retro Style, You can use the chandelier above the dining table which has a classic style. To make this chandelier look more modern, you can minimize the use of ornaments and golden color to this retro style dining room.

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