Functional and Attractive Room Partition

Room partitioner or room divider can be made from anything. A unique barring design can have the function as well as decorative elements in the room.

One of the interesting design can be seen in the photo below. Divider between living room and family room is unique. There are wooden frames that are similar to the letter C. On the basis of this framework, there is a “pot” with rock-sided. There were also dry bamboo poles planted. Interesting isn’t it?

Attractive box in the living room is eye catching. Box can also act more as physical partition room than visual barrier, so it gives an impression of a wider room. Well, this barrier is actually easy to make. At least, these are the steps in a nutshell:

  1. Prepare a wood frame with the form of letter “C” in accordance with the dimensions of space needs. Here, the wood frame has the dimension of length 200cm, width 40cm, height 80cm, with 10cm thick.
  2. Prepare two sheets of 10mm thick glasses with 198cm x 78cm size (2cm smaller than the size of the frame).
  3. Make a small overdraft on the left and right sides of the frame to the entrance of the glass and sealant (glue glass). With 2cm depth, thickness of the overdraft approximately ± 12mm. Then put the glass into the frame, so that the box obtained resembling an aquarium with a frame made of wood.
  4. To stick the stems of bamboo, make a container or frame of wood roughly the size of the former wide glass box, with a height of half the height box (40cm). Punch a hole through the top with the diameter size of the bamboo stems and in accordance with the number of bamboo. Place it in the glass box.
  5. Enter one by one the bamboo into the holes already prepared. After the bamboo is installed, fill the glass box with a large white pebbles, or any other fillings as you like.

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