Gazebo, a Suitable Place to Relax

Gazebo is a pavilion structure, usually the places are in a park, gardens, and a spacious public areas, and sometimes octagonal. Gazebos are usually freestanding to a garden wall, roofs and open on all sides. To build a gazebo, it does not required a wide empty lands and very easy in building. There are many various models and materials, and you can choose according to your backyard situation. There are ways that you should done before you start to make a gazebo.

Wooden Gazebo

Important Points

  • One of the important points that you need to consider is what will you do later in the gazebo, such the activities. If you likes to entertain your guests in the gazebo, you may need a large gazebo with more decorations. But if you’re only going to wear it as a place to relax with your family personally, the size can be smaller with minimalist furniture only.
  • After that, you have also to determine the location. Generally the gazebo is placed in one corner of the backyard. Besides that you can also put it in the middle of the backyard as a point for your garden. Or it could be in front and side of your house. You have notice also the lighting and decorations around the gazebo in order that not disturb the beauty of your backyard.

Traditional Gazebo Models

Traditional Gazebo
  • Nowadays, the traditional gazebo models much-loved of people is not only in the houses but also in luxury hotels and restaurants. With the basic materials of wood, bamboo or rattan, the concept of traditional-style gazebo often adopts the form traditional rural of Indonesia, for example, a typical architectural style of “Bali Bale Bengong”, “Joglo” typical of central Java houses, or traditional on stilts of “Bugis” houses . The wood materials were used varieties like teak, jack-fruit wood, coconut wood and even unique motifs carved or engraved. While for the roof shingles frequently uses hay, or clay tile modern roofs.
  • A traditional gazebo usually do not need a lot of chairs or furniture. You just need to put a small table and a comfortable carpet or mat as a cushion. And added with small cushions as back rest. Do not forget to cover it with mosquito net or cloth to reduce dust and dirt.
  • You can add the lights to provide lighting to beautify the look of the gazebo. The gazebo’s lights should be turned on or off from inside of the house.

Gazebo include a pagodas, pavilion, kiosks, follies, and so on. These structures are popular in warm and sunny climates. Are there an empty land in your house? Do you interested to build a gazebo at your backyard house? Please choose of the models of gazebo you like.

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