Giving New Function of A Room, Why Not?

This kitchen was originally a guest bedroom. In the name of space efficiency, this guest bedroom has a new function as the kitchen.

Believe it or not, the area now occupied by this kitchen, originally was a bedroom. Because homeowners feel that the need of guest bedroom is not urgent, he then converted this bedroom into a kitchen.

Kitchen measuring 7.5 square meters is equipped with a single line kitchen set with dark brown color. There was also a set of tables and chairs for seating areas. To brighten the kitchen, light green color applied on the walls. This bright colors also give the impression of calm and cool.

To connect the kitchen with dining room and family room, they invented a “window” with 180cm x 80cm size. The surface on this “window’s lip” can be used to display the collection knickknacks. Connecting rooms with this technique can also be a solution to make the room feel more spacious.

If you notice, in the kitchen and family room, bright colors applied are completely different. This bright color applications can be found in almost every room in this house. They intentionally used this color application to brighten the display and also to assert the difference function of each space. Thus, the use of insulation can be minimized.

When we see this design, with proper calculation and creativity, even small house can feel comfortable and charming right?

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