Glossy Materials for Modern Kitchen Impression

The kitchen looked clean and shiny. High gloss finishing panel is one of the secrets.

For those who want to get vibrant atmosphere in the kitchen, this design may be preferred. Red color with a dazzling eye-catching color combination of black in some cabinet sides and top table, making the kitchen looked interesting. Full flavor to the touch. Smooth and shiny effect made them even more luxurious.

Color, texture, and composition of this kitchen created an impression: modern! The function of these modern impression felt when the kitchen set funcioning very well as an easy facility to store kitchen utensils.

Storage encased in an light and ergonomic aluminum-framed cabinet. Impressive light display cabinet matches smoothly when combined with solid colors. Black-and-white mosaic on the back panel brings together a lightweight composition of the cabinet top and bottom of a heavy cabinet with black granite top table.

Note the glossy appearance of the panels as a finishing layer of high gloss cabinet. As it reflects light, the kitchen looks elegant and clean. Glow of the red color can increase the desire on the move and interact, while the black sparkle effect on establishment, which makes the kitchen looked classy.

Zeno Wirawan, designer of Zenoliving, said that kitchen with high gloss panels materials will produce a more evenly glossy impression. This material is obtained by molding system, which allows the flatness and materials’ gloss are always maintained. High gloss panel was also relatively more resistant to scratches because of the density is higher than the finishing materials which are sprayed, such as duco, or a layer made from flexible and thin.

Shiny and neat kitchen with precision manufacturing to produce a luxurious appearance. You can apply it in your own place.

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