How to Arrange The Front Garden

The green leaves on the trees and the black and white stones must have made the eyes is cool and brings its own impressions. The beautiful garden with lush plants and tidy, you can also have. For that, you can create it by yourself. A garden is a planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature.

Front Garden

It’s just that sometimes we do not understand, where to start in arranging. Is buying plants or setting up the soil first. Well, setting the beautiful garden, together with gardening the natural way to establish the truth.

For that, firstly we must establish a pattern of land or land that we want. You should formed a hill the hills at the corner of a fence or wall to provide a focus or point of view (center point) of the entire park will be preserved. Then, flatten the remaining soil and make the slope toward the water disposal areas, it is in order that the rainwater does not stagnate in one place.

Corals Garden

After that, we can determine which plants will be planted. Should be noted that the type and nature of the plants that we buy. There are plants that grow vertical type and nature but some are growing can be arranged into a group.

In addition, there is a kind of grass plants, and do not forget color and flower plants we can set the composition to make the park more beautiful again.

Here are the steps that you can follow to construct the plant in your garden

STEP 1 – Plant a crop of high/vertical at the very back and the highest land. For example you can choose the type of “Pinang” trees (red, green, yellow, pine and others).

STEP 2 – The pruning plants (green or yellow) and other Soka are th eplants that can be arranged on the soil of your garden.

STEP 3 – The next crop is short crops such as Lili Paris, Sianto or type grasses such as “krokot”.

STEP 4 – Last step is rocks, if the funding allows, you may combine the garden with a pond of water. And keep in mind, the combination of plants can be added to the composition of four or five plants.

The important thing to remembers the sequence and the high and low plants. Well, happy gardening!

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