How to Beautify a Credenza

There are may some owners familiar with the term occupancy credenza. A credenza is a piece of furniture, such a desk/closet (often looks like a desk) that serves as a room decoration. A credenza desk is a modern desk form usually placed next to wall as a secondary work surface to that of another desk. The credenza is sometimes flat.

Royale Credenza

Credenza can be placed in many places. Among others in the living room, family room, and bedroom. Eventually, quite liked the owner occupancy is putting a credenza in the foyer (intermediary space between one room with another room). When it is placed and arranged with the fit, credenza can be a point of interest for the eyes of occupants of the house or guest.

When credenza placed in public spaces, such as living room and foyer, surely he needs to look more beautiful. Here are some things you can do in order to make it looks interest.

1. Looks around the match between design style decoration in the room with credenza. For the residential character of the modern minimalist, credenza can be decorated with flower vases, small statues, and a simple mirror.

To provide an accent, place a mirror behind the lamp simple. And add the lights down, light yellow on ceilings where the credenza is placed. For those who likes traditional ethnic styles, use of wood credenza-dominated material. Meanwhile, for fans of the oriental style, use the ornate accessories China or Japan in the credenza.

Granite Table Credenza

2. On the credenza, you can also put personal items as well as beautify furniture, such as picture frames and audio devices.

3. Apart from wood materials, you can use a credenza made from any other materials. For example, the table top, use a mat made from granite or marble. Or you can also put a decorative ceramic tile in the door credenza drawer.

4. In addition to the mirror, the wall behind the credenza you can fill with paintings, family photos with beautiful frames, woven fabrics typical of a region, an ancient ceramic plates, and others.

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