How to Create a Healthy Bathroom

To create a healthy bathroom, we must be carefully rearrange the bathroom. Pick one color, or number of the same tone, for the walls and ceiling. On the other hand, effects of contrasting colors and patterns can change mood of the bathroom. Faintly cream white color can be used as walls and floors. Both of them will give an elegant appearance. On the other hand, a more neutral color in a contemporary, such as stone and gray-brown will reinforce the impression of natural tranquility. A cool blue, green and mauve color will give regard to the freshness of water, while the soft pink will add warmth. Basically, White color used in many bathrooms as clean and healthy memorable. It’s because white is clean, classic.

White color is never stale. Unfortunately, if a little dirt embedded in the surface color, the bathroom will looked grim in an instant. Besides using the white color, we can also used other hues. To the other colors and bright complexion was pale and introduced as a new and exciting ideas. The use of distorted colors can give a touch of nuance that is stronger and more character.

To arrange the bathroom in big size, may be easier. About color, it can be used the colors brighter. But do not let these bright colors dominate the room, making the room dark and tend to feel crowded. For example, use blue or bluish green sea. Before installing the tile, we must think about what kind of patterns that are suitable for our bathroom. to avoid any unwanted we have to try in turning on a new generation of patterned tiles natural. The surface is not shiny and create the look of limestone, marble stone slabs or stone. Surface gloss is useful for finishing a rebound that almost resembles a mirror, to reflect light into the space so that helps give the impression of relief in a small space. The tile which is not glossy is an effective option. This type combines water resistance and color finishing smooth with soft and comfortable.

The mosaic effect which are created by hundreds of small tiles are always exciting. Sometimes the room is suitable for small bathrooms because the size of a mini. Another tile type to be considered for a bathroom is a glass tile and a little luster with a modern twist. Do not be mistaken with thick glass boundary stone used for walls and interior partitions. Type of tile is meant here is a wall tile with a soft sheen finish and translucent or colored gems.

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