How to Create a Zen Living Room

If you want to have nice and calming look on the room, read the whole post on how to create a Zen living room. A Zen living room is the best option for the home owners who want to create simplicity in the living room. This style eradicates a lot of clutters and busy decors. You can promote the tranquil feeling by eliminating the unimportant accessories, knick knacks and pieces. You keep the room functional by using the important furniture and pieces. There is no need to end up in difficulties when you shop Zen items and furniture. There are many stores in town offering people with Zen furniture. Let me give you some ideas on how to create a Zen living room:

How to Create  Zen Living Room
How to Create Zen Living Room

Use jade green color on the wall

The first thing that people should do when applying the tips on how to create a Zen living room is on the wall color. You can pick many types of Zen color in the room. You can pick beige, cream, pale blue, tan or white. If you want to enjoy refreshing look on the wall, you can choose jade green color. It can make your room fantastic without bringing the cold and stark mood.

Japanese sliding screen

A sliding screen is very nice to see in Japanese Zen living room. You can have it to separate the area in the room. Most people have a great room because it can bring bigger look. To maintain privacy you can set a four panel room divider from rice paper. Avoid the plain one. You need to choose the divider with images of orchids, cranes or Japanese symbols. These decorative items can increase the authentic style on how to create a Zen living room. If you love with a full privacy, pick bamboo divider.

How to Create a Zen Living Room Design
How to Create a Zen Living Room Design

Place woven mats on the floor

Woven mats can be placed on the floor. You can pick the black colored woven mats to carry contrasting look on the Japanese living room. To make it coordinated with jade green wall, pick the black woven mats with jade green trimming line. You can also place the woven mats under the decorative items such as a pot of plants or a vase of flowers.

Zen Living Room Style
Zen Living Room Style

Buy a futon couch

If you need a chair to accommodate the guests in the room, you can ask them to sit on a futon couch. You can have it created from wooden structure. It can come in honey stained wooden or black lacquer color. The way on how to create a Zen living room determines the style of the futon. You can set some orchid patterned toss pillows to make it beautiful. Then you can decorate the bare wall with Japanese woodcut prints or painting.

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