How to Create an Ergonomic Kitchen Design

Why we have to create an Ergonomic Kitchen Design? The kitchen should be ergonomic in order that the activities in there can be comfortable. In this article we will discuss how to create an ergonomic kitchen.

The word ergonomics comes from the Greek ergon [work] and nomos [rules].

In general, it can be interpreted as ergonomic workplace rules. There are actually many more detailed definitions of ergonomics, but the essence of ergonomics is to create comfort, safety, and productivity in the workplace.

Ergonomic Kitchen
Ergonomic Kitchen

After we know about the meaning of ergonomics, next we will discuss about the ergonomic kitchen. For those of you who currently have plans to create or remodel a kitchen, you need to listen to this article.

The kitchen is a very important room in the house. Many activities carried out in that place. So, the kitchen should be made as comfortable as possible by making ergonomic kitchen.

Many things must be considered in making ergonomic kitchen. Start from the arrangement of the kitchen set, the selection of kitchen sink, to the size of desks and storage cabinets that fit the owner of the kitchen. Don’t forget to the circulation path and a variety of standard size kitchen furniture. It is sounded complicated, huh? Actually, it is not difficult. Now take the paper, and start to record what things to be considered to create an ergonomic kitchen.

Ergonomic Kitchen Design
Ergonomic Kitchen Design

There are four aspects to consider:

  1. Comfortable. This aspect could do with adequate lighting, adequate circulation path, a smooth exchange of air, and so on. In addition to convenient for cooking, the kitchen is also convenient as possible to interact with all of the family.
  2. Health. Kitchens are made haphazardly. Usually do not pay attention to the height desk or storage cabinets. The table is too high or too low will make your back to work is not fair. Similarly, storage cabinets that are too high, so we have to tiptoe to reach the object we need.
  3. Security. The kitchen should be made as safe as possible for all of the family. For example, the ends of the table, island, or a kitchen set was made blunt to avoid serious injury if bumped. One thing that is still rarely done is to put the fire alarm in this area.
  4. Productivity and work efficiency. It’s to do with furniture placement and selection of kitchen design. We must be smart to arrange the kitchen so working within it becomes more practical.

Already recorded all? Of course, you are not confused anymore about ergonomic kitchen. Cozy kitchen would make more delicious cuisine. Happy make an ergonomic kitchen design!

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