How To Create an Old wardrobe to be New

After the age more than 10 years old, you probably already bored with your wardrobe. But if the conditions are still good, why should immediately throw it away? After all, you can conjure your wardrobe to be new, just by adding a thin wood here and there, and also changed the paint.

Wardrobe 4 Medium

Thin wood, it can be used for the wooden eaves or war. Hand saws, nails, hammers, chalk, wood glue (PVA), acrylic paint, varnish, brushes, and wooden handles.

1. Clean your closet and remove the dirt from the cupboard handles. Use a spatula (small shovel) to fill the timber cement and let it dry .
2. Puree the entire surface of the cabinet with sandpaper. Make sure that all the shiny surfaces including terampelas too well. Clean dust and abrasives used with a dry cloth.

3. Measure the length of wood for the corner cabinets on each side of the left-right, front-rear, and also top-down. Marked with chalk.

Wardrobe Design

4. Put and place all of the entire timber with wood glue so as not to shift. Then reinforced with a medium-size nail.

5. Put the door handle as well with a new wardrobe. To be more trendy, select a round wooden handle. Pairs are also part of his leg.

6. Cover the entire surface of the cabinet and grille with the base paint. Let it all dry and then puree with sandpaper. Repeat this coating and after drying sandpaper until smooth.

7. After you clean the surfaces of dust, you can simply paint it with acrylic paint whose color can be customized to the needs. When dry, seal with varnish in arder the outcome is better and more durable.

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