How to Install Water Pipe at Home

If you want to install the hot water at home, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Usually, that sells water heater installation is the following. However, you can watch and choose the best tool or pipe. Hot water installations should be installed at the same time by installing a clean water installation or during home construction.

Plumber at Work

If you want a satisfactory result in the installation of the pipe you can call the plumbers who according to their roles, and if the pipes in our house taps are damaged or leaked again we can call the emergency plumbers that can provide help with most expediency to fix the leaky pipe. A plumber is a trades-person who specializes in installing and maintaining systems used for potable or drinking water, drainage and sewage.

According to the plumber, there are 4 tips to get the best results:

1. Determine the point of the hot water faucet.
Determination of this point can be adjusted to the needs. Typically hot water is needed in the bathroom, kitchen, and sink. After that, also specify the location of the water heater. This stage is important to calculate the needs of the installation of water pipes and determine the installation path. To reduce costs, determine the path / shortest distance between points faucet with the water heater.

General Plumber

2. Specify model heater.
Choosing a heater should be adjusted to the needs. If only for a shower and sink, just select the tank with a capacity of 10 liters. This tool can be installed in the bathroom so that the pressing needs of the pipe. The large tank capacity of 30 liters or more is required if the point more hot water faucet. The device should be placed outside the room. Especially if you choose a gas heater.

3. Selecting the installation of the pipe material.
As the appliance needs of other households, in selecting materials are also important cheek, just like choosing a laser auto level for the home. High water temperatures may damage some materials. For hot water, we recommend using heat resistant materials and high pressure. For medium-high heat can use PVC pipe. It’s best to use a special copper pipe hot water installations. Copper pipe is the most popular material that is applied as a hot water pipe installation. In addition to copper, there is still an iron material which is thicker and stronger. However, iron has a weakness as well as iron is not flexible. Vulnerable joints leak. The interior can also be rusty, so the water was dirty and smelly and can be used instead of pipe type XLPE/PEX.

4. Connecting with the installation of heating pipes.
After the heater mounted on the wall, plug the hole input/output to the installation of water heaters. Connect the input to the pipe installation hole supplier, while the output holes (exhaust hot water) to a hot water pipe installation. Use the flexible pipe to make it more practical and easier. Should put a stop tap in between the second flexible pipe with a second installation of the water.

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