How to Intterogate Damp Garden

How if the garden is less strategic in positions, and very damp? What is the appropriate-planted crops there? Because of the location, the front garden is an important part of the house. It gives special value to the overall look of the house. Simple home will look beautiful when neatly arranged gardens. Conversely, the garden is not aligned and not well maintained, architectured modern home though, will certainly destroy the layout of the house. So, harmony and the neatness of the garden in front of the house is very important.


In Selecting of plants, it depends on the soil conditions and location of the land. The position of garden and trajectory of the sun are two interrelated aspects, because plants need sunlight for growth. Whether is it shade, half shade, hot or very hot. A beautiful garden can be said if the plants grow lush and healthy. To get a plant like this than met the need for sunlight, the temperature around the park should also remain low.

Simply Sun Garden

Simply Sun

However, in choosing plants for your garden is often plagued by land that is less advantageous position. Sometimes, home is on land that is not unusual. For example, the position of land located on the corner, so the land is not a square like in general. For example, A garden that is in the angle and position of house land located on the corner, so the front yard and the elongated angle, while the position of the triangle-shaped backyard.

The position of the house that faced at west toward the front yard makes a very moist at the corners because of the closed roof of the house and neighboring homes. But there are also some of the right side of the park is quite hot during the day at 13.00 a clock and above. It is an obstacle, in choosing types of plants suitable for the front garden with full light conditions and also shade in the other corner.

It can called pink heliconia, palms, fir candles, and shrubs, all dried up dead ends. Finally, try to plant tamarind Bangkok and yellow. Apparently, this option is appropriate. The tamarind trees which planted only one meter tall, has now reached nearly two meters. And also with myrtle also looks lush and fruitful. At the bottom of the second crop was also grown the ground cover type, and at the bottom of the window, at different angles, planted Irish. In this section, there is little sunlight at certain hours, although only briefly. So the Irish can be grown with good although not too lush.

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