How to Make a Beautiful Small Kitchen

How to make a beautiful small kitchen? Make a beautiful small kitchen does not mean it should make an indiscriminate kitchen. We should notice that the small kitchen can be functional despite having a small size. In addition, the existence of this tiny kitchen should be able to make the interior more attractive.

A beautiful small kitchen can be a solution for you if you have a small land for the kitchen in your home. To make a beautiful small kitchen, you just need a space approximately 2.1 m x 1.8 m. Despite the relatively small size, we can make a place for dining room in this small kitchen.

Beautiful Small Kitchen
Beautiful Small Kitchen

To make a beautiful small kitchen which occupies a tiny space, the first thing you must notice is the continuous manufacture of the cabinet to the ceiling. It is intended that the kitchen can accommodate a variety of cookware and other kitchen equipment.

You can make cabinets and racks hanging on the other side on the kitchen wall as an additional storage container, such as the area above the dining table against the wall.

To accommodate the display, dinner ware, cooking utensils or frequently used, you can use an open rack. So you need not bother to open the cabinet lid.

Then where are we going to put the dining room? You can put the dinner table about 1 meter from the kitchen set. You can use a table measuring around 160cm x 70cm x 70cm and make it against to the wall. It aims to make available adequate circulation space for people who passing by in the kitchen. The design should also be streamlined and simple with a table leg made of iron pipe.

Beautiful Tiny Kitchen
Beautiful Tiny Kitchen

To make this kitchen brighter and feel more spacious, you can use a white color that dominate it. To beautify the kitchen and also to keep this beautiful small kitchen for easy cleaning, you can use the cabinet under the kitchen set that is made floating. At the bottom you can use illuminate because the lighting is enough in order to make the dirt can be seen more clearly.

In this way, we can prove that make a beautiful small kitchen with optimal and functional is possible. So, do not worry if the area you have for your kitchen is not so wide, you can still have a beautiful kitchen. Congratulations to work and be creative with your beautiful small kitchen.

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