How to Make a Cool Bedroom without Air Conditioner

We recommend that you do not rush to install the air conditioner in the bedroom to sleep when you feel hot. Because of there is still any better solution than installing air conditioner in your bedroom. Of course, this solution is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

When the bedroom is hot, it will definitely not comfortable to live. Many people need a solution which is easy and fast. So many people use the Air Conditioner (AC). However, before determining a solution, we should understand first to the subject problem.

Bedroom Ventilation
Bedroom Ventilation

According to Ir. Sukendro Sukendar, an architect from Nataneka Architects, the room which is hot can be caused by many factors. Less ventilation is the most common cause. It is often the air exchange that not enough from inside to outside the room because of the minimal amount of ventilation. This is the main cause of the temperature of the room become hot.

Then, whether by installing a window in each room is enough? Actually, it is not enough. According to Sukendro, to make the exchange of the air in the bedroom become well and smoothly, you need to create a cross ventilation. At least, there are two windows that face each other in one room.

To make ventilation that can change the flow of air in and out of the bedroom or vice versa, and will not settle in the room, it is can be done using cross ventilation. The air entering from a window will be directly channeled out by the window in front of him and replaced with a new air, and so on. If you have it, bedroom can stay cool without using air conditioning.

Bedroom Cross Ventilation
Bedroom Cross Ventilation

In addition to the ventilation holes that need to be considered, you must also consider to the size of the window. The window size must be balanced with the size of the bedroom. To use a window that has great size shall be used in a room that big anyway. Using large windows not only make air flow better, but also can also make a lot of sunlight into the room. So the room can be healthy and bright, and you do not need to turn on the lights during the day.

If you already have a bedroom with cross ventilation, but you still feel that your bedroom is not cool, then you may consider using the Air Conditioner (AC).

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