How to Organize A 10×10 Bedroom

If your bedroom is small, you need to read the whole post on how to organize a 10×10 bedroom. A 10x 10 bedroom is considered small for some people. The big one enables you to fill it with a lot of furniture pieces and walk in closet. It is okay to have a small bedroom. As long as you can keep it tidy and wonderful, you will be comfortable when sleeping inside the bedroom. There are various types of bedroom organization that you can replicate it to make the room functional and roomy.  The occupants who have a lot of clothes and accessories to save in the bedroom should be smart when decorating the room. Here are several ideas on how to organize a 10×10 bedroom.

How to Organize  10x10 Bedroom
How to Organize 10×10 Bedroom

Placement of bed and storage

The first thing on how to organize a 10×10 bedroom is located on the bed frame. This item is used as the main piece in the bedroom. It serves as the focal point. You can place it against the wall if the room is small. Ensure that the placement of the bed frame will never block the door opening. You can replace the old bulky bed frame with a new one. Pick the bed frame equipped with storage space. It can be used to accommodate your clothes and other seasonal items. If your bed frame is not equipped with any built in storage space under the bedroom, you can equip it with a rolling storage container. It can be made in flat design to make it easier to access. You just have to roll the container when you want to pick a certain item under the bed.

Organize A 10x10 Bedroom
Organize A 10×10 Bedroom

Storage container with drawers

If you have a lot of collections of jewelry, books, and medication in the bedroom, you need to have a storage container. Pick the one equipped with drawers so that your bedroom is more organized to view. You can pick a certain item easily when you are in the bedroom. Don’t forget to set a simple lamp on the storage container so that you can find the pieces easily at night.

How to Organize A 10x10 Bedroom
How to Organize A 10×10 Bedroom

A closet organizer

The shoes, boots and other items in the closet should be organized. The tips on how to organize a 10×10 bedroom do not only define the bed frame but also the walk in closet. You can set a small rack that you can use to gather all shoes, sandals and boots. The floor in the bedroom will be accessible if you never find any shoes or boots scattered on the floor.  Shelves in the wall are nice to have in the bedroom design. You can use it to accommodate all books. If you are an avid reader, a shelving unit is needed to keep the room free from any cluttered books on the bed or floor.

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