Indulge Yourself Daily in Your Personal Stylish Bathroom

Bathroom owns a very special status in a house. It is the ultimate private place for you and your family to relax and rejuvenate from a long tiring day.

It would be a huge daily pleasure if you can have a well-decorated bathroom to indulge yourself in. Below are some tips in turning an ordinary bathroom into a hotel-like yet very warm bathroom of your own:

1. Use free-standing bathtubs

A good bathroom should be both practical and visually flattering. Self-standing bathtubs do not necessarily occupy a lot of space but can give an exclusive taste to your bathroom. Duravit is a leading manufacturer producing bathroom equipments that are both trendy and practical. For example, a free-standing bathtub with water-proof wooden outer layer, can give you bathroom an original look and a scene of nature.

Free standing bath tub by Duravit

2. Use a designed radiator
In the old days, people use the heater as a towel and clothing hanger for hanging towels in the bathroom. It is very warm and practical, just a bit not too decorative. With the improvement of internal design artifacts, radiators that can be placed in bathroom has transformed into different shapes to suit your taste.

A metal color radiator on a wooden wall to balance the warmth.

Pick a radiator with modern look would be able to give you a stylish bathroom. There are also various colors and textures available. For instance, a shinny metal radiator can give you a cool edgy look, while a matt metal radiator in darker color can give your bathroom some more warmth. Make sure you keep similar tones of texture and color all over your bathroom.

Add a piece of art in your bathroom.

3. Use same color tone accessories

A nicely decorated bathroom should not have more than 3 different colors. A typical warm color usage is white, brown and beige. Bath accessories, like towels, should also be keep as much to the same tone as possible. Another trick is to use little decorative accessories, like a sheer pink daisy and a light color vase to connect all colors together.

A warm and cozy corner of a well-decorated bathroom.

Just some very simple steps and little changes can already give your bathroom and total makeover.

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