Internal and External Factors to Make a Comfortable Home

Internal and external factor to make a comfortable home is very important thing in home designing. One of the problems of home designing is the inconvenience when we occupied it. Less light and the complexity of cleaning the house became the main cause of the problem.

These problems arise when we do not notice the little things in the early planning. From the beginning, we must become pay attention to the matters that relating to the factors that can affect to our home.

Comfortable Home
Comfortable Home

The comfortable home must pass through several design process involving internal and external factors. Those factors will influence to the results of building. These factors are determined by the orientation of our design. Include the material to be selected, building orientation, and orientation of our daily activities.

Internal Factors to make a Comfortable Home

The main internal factor to create a comfortable home is budget availability. Our budget can affect the type of material used, the activity of residents, number of occupants, the potential of land, etc.

The availability of budget makes us wise in choosing materials. If you have a limited budget, you should choose synthetic materials that are easy to be care for and less expensive than the original good material that worth more expensive.

Comfortable Home Factors
Comfortable Home Factors

In order to a comfortable home can be care easily, you should pay attention to the number of occupants and the frequency of residents activities. Use of material in a high frequency will affect to the material’s age. You should pay attention to the activity of interaction we have with other individuals in the house. Spaces that can accommodate a lot of people who interact require a good direction. Placement of objects or the view that become point of interest in a room is important.

External Factors to make a Comfortable Home

External factors to create a comfortable home is a factor that comes from outside, such as environmental conditions in the form of the density of road traffic in front of the house, the height of the size and proportion of the buildings around the house, climate, and weather conditions.

External factors can influence the direction of the building. Of course, it must be designed in the early planning. You must determine whether the building should be facing forward, or laterally roads. Determination of direction before designing is an important thing to do.

Sometimes, with visual determination of the proportion of comfortable home can create a fun room or space. By a good arrangement of building, you will be able to locate the most convenient, so that the circulation in the home can be continued during the day and night. In addition to the proper position, the noise of sounds outside may be muted well. With relaxed atmosphere and good arrangement, you will actually have a comfortable home.

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