Less is Bore

Minimalist design trend seems to be shaky. Today, contemporary styles are preferred in various circles. More expressive design is considered able to meet personal demands. Contemporary styles suck as emerged as a form of resistance against the minimalism that feels boring. The term “Less is more” countered with “Less is bore.” It means that the design department and empty plain felt less ‘exciting’ and hollow.

Living Room

From there, contemporary style, began creeping up. The essence of contemporary style is bold in design led to the character. There was no particular restrictions there. That’s why this style is more dominating lately. Because, who does not want to stand out? Interested to apply it in the family room? Here’s a rule of thumb:

1. Almost the same as a minimalist, contemporary style of design also requires that all straight and neat. So, make sure the family room was always neat and not filled with excessive accessories.

2. The main architectural features are the high ceilings and wide windows.

3. Texture exposure on the walls of buildings. For example, a profile or exposed brick. If no, leave the wall in a state of innocence. Focus on the furniture with an interesting shape and color.

4. This style is also synonymous with the use of shiny metal or mirrors in large numbers. Its function is to provide a visual illusion, so that the room look more spacious.

5. Choose fabrics (upholstery), which has a strong texture, such as linen or wool. Meanwhile, let the floor covered with material that was not decorated with many motifs and slippery. Decorate the room with the island may also carpet. In addition to warm the room, the carpet can also muffle the sound.

6. Finally, fill the room with art objects that represent your character. No need to panic with an expensive price. Just search for paintings or other artwork in the local art market. Surely you can find unique decorations at a price not too expensive.

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