Let’s Create a Patio!

A patio is an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that often adjoins a residence and is typically paved. Typically patio are made of concrete or stone slabs laid over a base. The base is often a layer of compacted stone chips, a layer of sharp sand, and a layer of cement mortal.

Garden Patio

You should to consider the following tips below before you makes a patio at your house!
Patio is more than just where you stand, when you out of the house into the backyard. Patio can be combined with any residential style, as far as arrangement is still proportional to the style of houses. To remember that actually the concept of the patio is a space that is a simple and not too crowded trees. However, attention should be given in maintenance patio is a form of attention in the treatment to make it look clean and beautiful.

Small Land
The existence of the patio at home can help create air circulation and can provide supply of fresh air on the inside of the house. With a 3×4 m2 land, is enough to be made patio/dry garden. You may also sort the rocks or coral stone broken and two types of plants that do not need watering every day.

The garden can be formed with a simple pattern, with only added one kind of plant/tree as its main focus. Wooden benches and other garden furniture may be one of the complement to the element artistic to the patio itself, so it can be placed in strategic places on the patio. If necessary, there can be added to the pool shower (water fountain), waterwall, and other shades of coolness that could provide a clicking sound through the water.

Golden Eagle Pool Patio

There are several things of basic element that you should to consider, such as the size and purpose since the beginning plans to make a patio. It includes:

1. Size of house building.

2. The location where the patio will be built.

3. Two-Level or Split-Level (difference of height level floor. Like the mezzanine at home)

4. Patio entrance area, such as the porch of the house toward the backyard or other access from in the house to the patio.

5. The division of patio associated with the path (pathways or stepping stone). Function of it is as a connected from the home access to the patio, or can be used as delimiters between the pavement area with plants in the patio area.

Teak Furniture Patio

6. Ornamental ponds and other landscaping on the patio (pool and spa patio), such as the waterwall, water fountain, fish pond, swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Whirlpool, and others.

Select Material
The pavement design on the crowded patio with an attractive landscape design, can be equipped with a garden that contain a variety of plants and the entrance of the house to the patio. Like a protective cover on the side of a house in Bali, or other landscape ornaments, such as lighting garden, garden furniture (seating, tables), and others. Some people choose for the basic materials such as cement, concrete, and bricks are the most used materials numbers for the construction of the patio, because it has some benefits, including longer survival (durable), versatile, and relatively cheaper than other materials such as natural stone.

For the patio garden furniture such as seats and tables, can use wood materials such as teak or “Bengkirai” wood. Other materials, fiber materials can be chosen minimal maintenance or other furniture material suitable to be placed outside the room.

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