Looks Neat with Darth Vader CD’s Shelf

There’s no need to be confused with the scattered piles of CDs. Keep shelves this CD. Unique shape makes the room was not quiet anymore. For those of you who enjoy watching movies, collecting pieces of a DVD or VCD certainly not something foreign. So that the room was a mess, CD racks can be an option. But, bored well yes if it was shaped display shelf-that’s all.

Use this unique shaped CD rack only.

Unique CD's Shelf

Rizki Maugina Havier, the designer, claiming inspiration from the form of Darth Vader helmet, a character in the movie Star Wars. For film enthusiasts, certainly not unfamiliar with this sensational film dong? Not only in accordance with the interest of film lovers, this form is also functional. The designers are familiar summoned Gina explains, “With such a shape, this rack can be connected in a row horizontally, and can be stacked as well.”

So, no need to be confused if your collection increases. Because of this rack is also sold the units, when the shelf is not enough to accommodate the collection, just buy an additional module. Practical and sustainable, is not it? The room will not be filled shelves with a variety of models that do not connect.

No need to worry about the safety of your collection. According to Gina, “This rack can store CDs and DVDs safely because there is acrylic in between.” CD was safe from danger scratches. Anyway, all aspects of functionality and safety have been taken into account properly by Gina.

Can be neatly and safely store, any unusual shape. The more she cried again, can be extended according to taste. Interested?

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