Modern, Simple, and Neat Kitchen Design

Post On: October 14, 2012

All items in this kitchen has its place. All cabinets and drawers are made completely closed. The result, the kitchen appeared clean and neat.

It is useless to have a big kitchen and roomy, if messy. Since the kitchen is the room that housed a lot of furniture and equipment, the storage needs to really be careful. One key to making the room was always neat and clean. All items must have their places, and make sure all these things back into place after usage.

One of the neat kitchen inspiration, can be seen in the photo below. The 3m x 5m size island looks bright, spacious, clean and tidy. Every piece of furniture has a respective area. Stove is above the cabinet, on the left side of the room. Island area is used as a place to wash dishes and food processing. Various electronic appliances, refrigerators and ovens united in one area, on the wall right next to the kitchen.

Cooking utensils, which are usually stacked and scattered, stored neatly in a drawer or closet built ins. Cabinets and drawers closed the multiplex this deliberately. Thus, the kitchen seem more spacious, because not many things that take up the view. Views relief and field is also supported by the presence of window glass, along the kitchen wall.

This kitchen is actually elongated and linked with the dining room next door. Though located in different areas and large enough, no partition between the kitchen and dining room. This is done in order to create a second room which is spacious and comfortable.

Tricks to make cabinets and drawers closed completely as seen in this photo is huge success and make the kitchen look neat. Unfortunately, this trick will not reach the same success, if applied in a tiny kitchen. Tiny kitchen requires completely open display to make the room has more spacious feel.

But do not be discouraged, closed cabinets tricks can still be applied. But not for all the kitchen cupboards and drawers. Combine closet covered with an open closet. Or replace the doors with glass doors. To be part of the cabinet is not visible from the outside, use a sandblast glass.

So, whether large or small, the kitchen can still look clean and neat. Do you agree?

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