Multifunction of Fan

Using the fan at home can save the costs and more environmentally friendly than air conditioner (AC). A fan consist of a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades which act on the air. According to its function to cool the room, the fan is best used when needed for example when the dry season. In fact, in the tropical country, especially during the long dry season, people might have to use a fan all day long.

Types of Fans

However, do you have know that use the fan also apply when the rainy season, cold weather? When cold, the heat inside the house will rise up the room and collected near the ceiling. Meanwhile, you need the warm air. So, you just turn on the fan at low speed to push the heat through the walls and down toward the bottom of the room. Other functions that the fan also helps reduce condensation on windows. However, you have to look at the direction of rotation the fan blades to ensure that there are two directions so that its features can be used all year round.

By using a fan, you have to save electricity, especially if you previously put on the heating and air conditioning at home. Both are the most tools that wasting energy, besides connect with electricity it also with gas, oil, and wood. There are two types of fans that often used by people, the types below.

Ceiling Fan

1. Ceiling fan

The type of fan is placed in the ceiling of the room, usually in the living room and family room. When use it in the daytime, you can also open the window in order there happens with good air circulation. The air can also exit into the house regularly.

If you use air conditioning (AC), ceiling fan can help raise the air temperature so that the air indoors is not too cold, it is because of not good to be in air-conditioned constant. Position the fan is working up to a maximum distance of 2.7 meters from the floor.

Table Fan

2. Table fan

For this type, you can put it on the table or elsewhere as you want. For example you only use while resting, reading, watching television, and others. There are stemmed fan sitting high and low height can be adjusted to your needs.

Tips in Caring the fan, there are three ways to keep the fan in order to always in a good conditions.

– Turn off it if you want to leave the room. You can also buy a fan that is equipped with a timer, So you can use the fan as needed.

– Set the speed of the fan blades as needed. Do not let you sick/colds because of using high-speed fan

– To work to a maximum fan, learn where the wind moves. So, you’re not wrong to determine the position of fan, especially the ceiling fan.

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