Multipurpose Desk to Save Your Bedroom’s Space

Not everyone is fortunate to have spacious homes, which can provide a special room for work space and wardrobe. For medium-sized house, even small, often working desk, dresser, and television is placed in the same room. If you have no basic arrangement skill, the bedroom might feels so occupied, and certainly not comfortable.

This apparently is also thought by the owner of the room in the picture below. Room size is relatively large, 5.5 m x 3.2 m. But as the various functions are housed here, of course many furniture should be placed. If carelessly placed, any room with any size will feel crowded and messy.

To avoid that impression, then the three functions, each of which requires a table, placed lengthwise in one area. Dressers, workdesks, and tables for television, all “served” by a table width 60cm, which is placed along the wall in front of the bed.

For dressing table, just add a mirror. As a complement to the work table, add lighting and comfortable chairs. By bringing together the three functions with one long table, in one area, this room avoid the impression of cramped and cluttered.

So, instead of putting three different desk functions, and make the bedroom more and more crowded, we’d better try this smart solution. Place a TV, dresser and desk in one area. Hmm, an idea that’s worth a try!

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