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Most women will not going to deny the hobby in faced the mirror. That is why, dressing table is being as required dresser in the bedroom. A dressing table is a piece of furniture typically used to store the items like cosmetics, hats, scarves, perfumes, and other accessories. It usually be placed in the bedroom or other placed the support to dress in our house, such as in the in the walk-in-closet near the bathroom that placed in the bedroom.

Look in the mirror, apply makeup and straightened her hair, have become routine activities of women in the morning. Similarly at night. Usually the woman looked back at the mirror, when cleaning and caring for the face. This is the reason why the presence of the dressing table following vanity mirror becomes very important.

The dressing table are usually placed in the master bedroom. In this area, women are the queen, without the presence of the dressing table, it seemed none the less in the master bedroom or a woman’s bedroom.

Although the main function as a dressing table, this table also has other functions. It is not just as a place to dress up and fitting by self, but also has the function of the storage space as the personal belongings of a woman. Dressing table become as one of the respondent can accommodate these items. Various of bottles of cosmetics, perfumes, women’s accessories, and other trinkets. No wonder that the dressing table becomes an oasis of pleasure for women.

Gold Leaf Dressing Table

Where to place?

Usually dressing table is placed in the bedroom. If you happen to have a walk-in closet, here is also a great place for a dresser. One thing to note, it is compatibility with the needs of land availability. There are certainly many require larger dresser.

If the land in the room is not possible, you should not force it to place a large dressing table. One way to solve it, break-select frequently used items and items that do not have to use every day. Place frequently used items on the dresser. The rest can be stored in another container, such as a closet.

Solutions in terms of design can also be applied. If you’re creative enough, might make a dressing table with lots of shelves and storage cabinets. The simplest way, can also find design inspiration from magazines or the Internet.

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